a grace taker

Father, may I be a grace taker.
May I be needy and forceful, selfish for Your love.
Stubborn in You from the moment my feet hit the floor.
May I be a grace taker.

Away with my pride, the voice constantly shoving You aside.
My self-dependence is rotten, infested and clingy.
The face of sin lies to me.
"You're too terrible for this. Your proud stubbornness is too ugly for goodness."
And I am; it is. But You've moved on.

Father, may I be a grace taker.
A gobbler, an indulger, a receiver.
May my knees be always dirty from humility, my heart always soft from Your words.
May my life refuse this consistent pattern of self-disgrace and self-saving.
May my pride be crushed daily, gratitude overflowing for Your saving hands.
May Your eyes be the first thing I see, Your voice of truth the norm.

My King, this is the plea of Your broken child: May I be a grace taker.