Coming Back

I love food. I love people. I love talking about food, eating food, sharing food, making food. It's all beautiful.

I miss Italy more than I can say, but I'm finally coming back here. I'll post soon, as soon as the inspiration and lighting and ingredients align. I can't wait for it.

But until then- a snippet into my day. Finally, a few hours of introvert time on a sunny warm day that whispers the coming of spring. Sitting in a coffee shop down the street from my house, reading, spewing words into my moleskine, studying, regaining vivacity while others around me do the same. There's a glass bottle of Coca-Cola on the counter ahead of me, an inch of liquid left in it and an empty stool in front. And just behind, the resting oven with the baking rack to the right, full of bagged breads, cartons of spices, and two bottles of flavoring that particularly caught my eye. This is beauty to me, the sun pouring in from my right, music dancing above, ceiling fans tossing strands of my hair, and the joyful view of a well-used oven, well-used creativity.

coming back.